Working With A Bad Real Estate Agent In Reno Nevada

When you are looking for the best real estate agent in Reno, Nevada, you want to make sure you get someone who is qualified to help you with one of the biggest financial transactions.

Sometimes after you decide to work with a real estate agent, something about them doesn’t sit well with you. There can be many signs that would suggest you made the wrong decision.

So how can you tell you are working with a bad real estate agent in Reno Nevada? In this blog we will talk about the signs you are working with a bad real estate agent in the Reno Nevada area and what you can do about it.


lacking communication

You probably do not want you real estate agent bombarding your phone with texts, call or emails. However you don’t want them to completely lack in communication.

Your Realtor should away be communicating with you. Even if there hasn’t be any new homes on the market or if there are no request for a showing. Your agent should still let you know that information. One of your agents job is to keep you in the loop about the buying and selling process. No matter if things a going well or bad.

At the very least your Realtor should check in at least once a week to provide you with an update on how things are going. If thing are slow and you are not getting any showing of if they are not finding any homes for sale in Reno, they need to know why. A good real estate agent in able figured out any issues and comes up with a plan that will help you achieve your real estate goals.


If your real estate agent always agrees with you on every point, whether it’s taking your initial listing price without any modification, or jumping on your thoughts by 10 percent to undercut every offer, you may be in trouble.

When it comes to Selling and buying real estate, your Realtor should be an expert. They should always have well thought out answers and suggestions that are right for you. While your agent may be irritating if he disagrees with your listing price or bid, their job is to represent your best interests even if that means disagreeing with you. However they should always listen to you an take your worries into consideration. At the end of the day you are in charge.

Some real estate agents will do anything it takes to get a listing. Even if it means pricing your house at a high price, knowing that it will most likely not sell. When your agent asks you what your house is worth and gives you a suggestions, ask them to show you justification. This will also make sure you get an accurate estimate on your house. So you do not under sale your house. They should be able to produce some kind of analysis to back up their decision, including looking at similar homes in your area which have sold at the same price.



Your Reno real estate agent should be doing whatever it takes to sell your house for the most amount of money and to help you find the perfect house to buy. They accomplish this buy using every available resource and thinking outside the box.

Ask yourself, “Is my agent doing everything possible to sell my house?” If you are unsure or if the answer is no, you might be working with a bad real estate agent in Reno Nevada. At the very least your agent should have professional pictures take of your house. Since most buyers look on the internet, they will most likely see your house online. The last thing you want to do is make a bad first impression.

Properly marketing your house consist of many things. For example, Professional Pictures, Video Tours, Online Marketing, 3D Virtual Tours, Social Media Marketing, Floor Plans, Ariel Photos and Video, Local and National Print Magazines, Open Houses and Single Property Websites to name a few.

If your Realtor isn’t marketing your home properly, it could sit on the market longer and cost you more money in the long term. Even if they are marketing your house make sure they are properly following up with prospective prospects. You can have a family or friend make an inquiry to make sure they are doing their job correctly.

Are you unable to find a house? Inventory currently low in the Reno Nevada area. So if you are looking for homes for sale, you will need an agent who can send you a home as soon as it becomes available on the market. Have your agent set you up with an automated email for any new homes that come on the market. Also, make sure they have time for you to look at the house. There isn’t any point in finding you a house if they cannot show you them.

Sometimes real estate agents only rely on the MLS. Although most homes are listed on the MLS, they are also listed elsewhere. If you have a agent that is helping you buy a house and they are not all places where homes you may want to buy could be listed – without a valid reason to avoid them – then they aren’t doing their job to its fullest.

Often homes are listed off market and you are able to get a good deal on them. Does your agent have access to off market properties? We have access to several off market properties and house before they become available to the public. If you are interested contact us today we will be happy to help you.


Yes, there is an element of haste when it comes to buying and selling a home. The faster you’re able to act on an offer or to make an offer, the better off you usually fare.

However, if you feel that your real estate agent is putting too much pressure on you to make a decision before you feel ready, that’s a bad sign. This means they’re more concerned about making their commission and moving on and less concerned with truly helping you buy or sell a home.



Technically, your real estate agent’s job ends the day you sign the papers.

But a great real estate agent will contact you after that date to see if you have any follow-up questions or concerns. This shows the person truly cares about you and your happiness, and you’re not just another paycheck.

Going above and beyond is the sign of a great real estate agent and one you should consider working with in the future and referring to friends and family.

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