What Needs to be in Tip-Top Shape Before Selling your house in the Winter

Things You Need to Be Sure Are in Tip-Top Shape for Winter Selling inSelling your house in the winter in Reno Nevada presents some unique challenges that aren’t as critical for selling in other seasons.  If you are asking yourself “What Needs to be in Tip-Top Shape Before Selling your house in the Winter?”, We are Realtors in Reno Nevada that are here to answer all your home selling questions. 

Beyond the challenges of presenting your house in an appealing way during the winter, there are some functional matters you must see to – that is, some things you need to be sure are in tip-top shape.

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What Needs to be in Tip-Top Shape Before Selling your house in the Winter in Reno Nevada

1. Price

Although the price may seem out of place among the things that follow, it does, nevertheless, need to be in tip-top shape for winter selling. Winter is a slower market for real estate than other seasons, so you may have to adjust your sale price accordingly. Sure, the asking price is nearly always lower than the actual sale price, but during the winter, you may have to reduce that difference.

2. Roof

With all the winter rain, snow, sleet, and ice the season bring, potential buyers, are going to be extremely roof-conscious. If you are looking to sell your house during the winter in Reno Nevada, you’ll definitely have to make sure the roof is in tip-top shape.

Snow and ice are worse culprits than rain when it comes to leaks. They sit on the roof for long periods and slowly melt where they meet the roof. Then if your roof is damaged or missing shingles anywhere, that slow melt-off gets under the shingles and works its way down and into the house. Any water stains on ceilings or walls will be a tip-off to buyers that the roof isn’t in tip-top shape.

3. Heating System

Also for winter selling in Reno Nevada, you be sure the heating system is functioning at an optimal level. On those cold, blustery days, this is one thing buyers will be highly attuned to especially if you are looking to sell your house during the holiday winter seasons.

Replacing all old filters with new ones is a good first step. Then, because the heating system is one thing winter buyers will be certain to thoroughly check out, it might be a could idea to call in an HVAC professional to go over the system from top to bottom. Just don’t skimp here – it could mean the difference between closing or not.

4. Thermostat

While technically part of the heating system, many times sellers don’t even think about the thermostat when ensuring the heating system is in tip-top shape. Even if the heating system is working perfectly, a cheap or poorly working thermostat can make it seem otherwise.

For example, if the furnace seems to kick on and off too frequently, it could be a thermostat issue. Or if the house seems to get entirely too cold before the furnace comes on, a cheap or faulty thermostat could be the culprit. Again, a thermostat issue like this could be a red flag for buyers.

5. Outside Lighting

While not so important during milder seasons with longer days, outside lighting takes on a lot more importance for winter selling in Reno Nevada. Strategically placed and properly functioning outside lighting will not only display your house in the most appealing way but will ensure buyers’ safety as well. This will make a good impression for buyers looking to purchase your home. So check all those bulbs and make sure walkways and entry areas are well lit.

6. Gutters and Downspouts

As with the roof, winter buyers will keep a keen eye on these too. They will be looking for gutters clear of leaves, twigs, and other debris and with no tell-tale drips from the underside. They will also want to see downspouts freely draining the runoff from the roof.

Before selling your house in the winter you might need to out in more time to get your house sold fast for the most amount of money possible. A little more preparation than summer selling, but it can still be done. You just have to make sure certain things are in tip-top shape.


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