What Do I Need To Do To Sell My House In Reno Nevada?

You want to sell your house in Reno, Nevada , and you want to get top dollar.


But “What do I need to do to sell my house in Reno Nevada?”

As a Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada, I have helped numerous sellers sell their homes and get top dollar. Your home is the biggest financial purchase you will make. Therefore, it makes sense for you to treat it as an investment. I put together 6 easy step to get you more money when you decided to sell your house in Reno, Nevada.

Here are some tips on how to get your home ready to sell if you’re looking to get more money when you decided to sell your house in Reno Nevada.


1) Clean. Sounds simple and obvious right? Well not exactly. I have walked into several house while showing them and the seller’s house wasn’t “very clean.” When people walk into your home you decided to sell, one of the first things they will start to do is picture themselves in the house. Often times if they see that the house is dirty they will pictures themselves living in a dirty house.

If your house is vacant then often times it can get dirty and dusty. If your house is vacant, it is a good idea to stop by now and then to clean up as much as possible. The longer it stays dirty,  hard it will be to get it clean again. The cleaner you keep your house the sooner you can get it sold.  Having a dirty house will also make buyers think that there are other issues that could be wrong with the house.

2) Neutral style. We all have our own style and taste. It is impossible to know what every person who goes through your house will like. So a good rule of thumb is to keep it neutral. This can apply to almost anything. So if  you decided to paint, remodel or decorate your house keep it neutral. For example, too much dark bold colors can make a room seem small. If you decided to paint, keep it light and airy.

3) Fix or replace anything that’s broken. Yeah, it might feel like a waste of money to spend an extra couple hundred bucks on a dishwasher that someone else might just pull out and replace again. But really, quite a few buyers will get a home inspection and use the opportunity to negotiate with you. As the seller, you’ll often end up paying more if you try to hide neglected maintenance from the purchaser – and of course you don’t want to be guilty of fraud.

Make sure you stay in compliance with all the laws.

It’s often a good use of money to hire a home inspector to come through before you put the property on the market. If you ask in advance, they’ll often charge you a tiny rate to come back after you’ve done a bunch of minor repairs and deliver you a clean bill of health. Prospective buyers love to see an independent report on the condition of the house – it makes them feel very comfortable with the purchase.

4) Make only necessary improvements. The biggest mistake people make when getting their house ready to sell is over-improving. They often spend too much money on customized frills that can’t be recovered in the sale. It is a good idea to talk to a Real Estate Agent or an appraiser to see what improvements will net you the most money.

Paint is about the only safe investment – it’s easy to overspend on almost everything else, and it’s easy to get ripped off by dishonorable contractors trying to up sell you.

It’s important to know what improvements will produce a return on investment so you avoid wasting money.

5) Get an expert opinion. It will be beneficial for you to contact a local Reno Nevada  area Real Estate Agent that can help you price your house. Also they they can tell you how to best present your house in the best way possible.

6) Have a really great Real Estate Agent with a exceptional marketing plan. I know what you’re thinking,  “typical Real Estate Agent talking about themselves.” Fair enough. Hear me out first. You will be surprised how many realtors don’t seem to answer their phones. Yes it is possible they missed your call. That can happen to anyone in any profession. However, not responding for hours at a time can be frustrating. As your Real Estate Agent I will make sure you always have a way to reach me and make sure you are always informed throughout the entire process. Making the transaction as smooth as possible.

One of the biggest things that separates a great Listing Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada from a bad Listing Real Estate Agent is their marketing plan. As a certified PSA, I have the knowledge resources to help you market your house to the most buyers possible. Best of all there is no extra charge to you and you are not required to pay back anything. All included when you decided to work with me as your sellers agent. You can learn more about how I will market you house here.


If you are still asking yourself “What Do I Need To Do To Sell My House In Reno Nevada and the Reno Nevada area? Contact me now, click here now and fill out the form or call our team at 775-525-0980. Reno Nevada Real Estate Agent.


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