Top 10 Questions Answered for Reno Nevada Home Sellers

Top 10 Questions Answered for Reno Nevada Home SellersKnowledge and preparation are key if you are ready to sell your home and if you want to get the top dollar and don’t have it on the market for months to end. You need to understand the entire complex process relatively well. And the best way to begin, as Aristotle said long ago, is to ask the right questions. To help you out, then, here are the Top 10 Questions Answered for Reno Nevada Home Sellers. This blog will help answer most of the questions you might have before listing your home in Reno and the Reno Nevada Area.

Top 10 Questions Answered for Reno Nevada Home Sellers

1. When is the best time to sell?

Typically, the best time to sell your home is in most regions, spring and early summer, but in some other areas, winter is the best time. So be sure to ask an Realtor that has knowledge of your area when is the best time to sell your home.

2. What is the market like right now?

This is important to now. Getting the right answer to this question is important because it is a big factor when it comes to selling your home. There are a lot of variables when it comes to determining the market. Real estate markets across the country vary. Their is also a difference in the market between nearby neighborhoods. Get advice from a real estate agent that is familiar with your neighborhood. This is one of the questions real estate agents in Reno, Nevada are often asked. So most agent will have no issue on how to advise on the condition of your market for your neighborhood.

3. What improvements do I need to make?

At the very least, you should create all the basic repairs and improvements that you need–such as repairing leaking faucets, replacing old/dated light fixtures,mowing the lawn, and minor landscaping. Before you take on bigger and more expensive upgrades, you need to determine if you can make a nice return on your investment. Here is an article on How To Add More Value to Your House in Reno Nevada.

4. Should I sell before buying another home?

This is a question that home owners should ask more often. There are to two important factors to this question. 1) are you financially will and able to carry two mortgages therefore keeping two homes. 2) are you able to get a loan if you decided to do so?

5. Is a vacant home easier to sell?

There area some people who will argue which is better. It really comes down to you and your preferences.

6. Do I need to hold an open house?

Again this is another of the top 10 Reno Nevada home seller questions that aren’t asked but should be. An open house seems like a good idea and it’s recommended by everyone because you’re getting individuals to the house which increases your chance to sell it.

7. How much should I disclose?

The answer to this one of our Reno Nevada home seller questions is easy. And that answer is . . . you should disclose everything you can think of. It is, after all, a legal requirement. Know withholding vital information can get you sued. Even after you ell your house. To get a better understate ask your agent what should be disclosed to the public when you decided to sell your house.

8. Should I offer a home warranty?

This one is also up to the seller. Offering a home warranty up front could bring more offers on your house and get it sold faster. You can also withhold a warranty till after you get an offer so you can us it as a negotiation tactic.

9. Who pays closing costs?

You are not required to pay closing costs as the sell. However, offering to pay at least a part of the closing costs is a nice way to make the offer more valuable to the buyer. Here is an blog post that explains common closing cost in Nevada.

10. Should I sell myself (FSBO) or hire an agent?

Although this is among the top 10 Reno Nevada home seller questions that are frequently asked, the answer given is often too biased. However The best answer is: “It depends . . .”

As a Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada, I would have to say hire a Realtor over a FSBO is a better Idea. On average houses sell for about 15% more when working with a Agent. Studies show that working with a real estate agent results in a quicker sale and  increases the final sale price. You will make more money even if you have to pay a commission. That are many reasons why you should use as real estate agent when you decided to sell your house.

Hopefully, these Reno Nevada home seller questions answered will be beneficial and move you toward your goal. Knowing the answers can, in fact, have a significant impact on the sale price and prevent you from making costly mistakes. If you have any more questions you can always contact me or visit my Blog.  I post help blog post everyday to help answer you real estate related questions.


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