Signs You Need A New House in Reno Nevada

Situations often change in everyone life time. What worked before, might not work for you today. This can be the same for the house you currently live in. It could be a starter home, you outgrown it or you need to downsize.

This happens to many people after the by a house in Reno, Nevada and decide later down the road they need to buy a different house. Even if you have good memories of you current home, it comes down to what you currently need. Sit down with your real estate agent and discuss the what options you have available.

In this blog we will talk about some common signs you need a new house in Reno Nevada.

Signs You Need A New House in Reno Nevada
Signs You Need A New House in Reno Nevada

Family Is Growing

When you family starts to expand, there is certainly a lot of changes that need to be addressed. Have additional, kids or relatives move in can make things stressful for most homeowners. No one wants to come home to an overcrowded home with no space to go.

Preparing ahead of time and buying a house before you get overwhelmed is a great plan if you want to avoid any anxiety. Having more space will allow for additional storage, office space, pets, etc.

Smaller House hold

There are many situations that will cause you to downsize. For example, your kids moved out or you had a recent divorce. Either way, when the headcount at the nightly dinner table goes down, you might no longer need all that space you got to keep up with that active and growing family. Think about how much less time you’ll spend cleaning and how much more time you can enjoy a cup of tea with a great book on the porch.

Too Much Maintenance

Having a big home with a big yard is the dream of many. But when you have to clean the pool, rake an acre of leaves and keep up four bathrooms without all of being used and enjoyed, it might be time to look for a new home. All that maintenance might be preventing you from actually enjoy the house or other activities you love. Don’t be chained to a house simply because it seems like the perfect place. Your real estate agent in Reno Nevada can help you find a new house for you that perfect balance between maintenance and enjoyment.

Neighborhood Is Declining

Neighborhoods have ups and downs. This is normal. An older neighborhood that was quiet with a lot of retired people might start to see an influx of new families. Depending on the condition of the homes in the area, more crime and undesirables might find their way onto your block. If you aren’t feeling as secure in your home as you were a few years ago, it’s time to consider looking for a new home.

Ready To Upgrade

Nothing feels as good as the day you take the keys to your first home. It’s an accomplishment and dream come true in so many ways. But that first house is rarely your dream house. In fact, it is often a situation where you sacrifice many things you really want in a home because you could only afford the needed items. Now that you have some equity, stronger credit and got that raise, it is time to look at an upgrade to something that fulfills not just the needs but more of those desires you want in a home.

Repair Costs Increasing

Even if you are handy with fixing a creaking door, considering new roofs, furnaces and even plumbing lines is a big expense. As homes age, these things naturally need to be updated and eventually replaced. Anticipating the costs as they approach and talking to a well-versed real estate agent helps you know when the time comes to cut the cord on your existing home and find one without as many issues for your to deal with.

Commute Is Overwhelming

It seems like there are more cars in Reno every day. What used to be a 15-minute bearable commute is now approaching 45 minutes. If the commute is driving you crazy and causing you to stay at work later to avoid traffic, you aren’t really fully utilizing your home. Even if you’ve been concerned with the costs of moving closer to work, talk to a real estate agent to find out if your existing equity and lesser-known pockets are a good fit for you.

There are many paths you can take if you decide to buy another house. You can keep it and rent it out as an investment property, sell then buy a house, or sell and buy at the same time. Either way talk to your real estate agent to go over you options.

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