Should You Hire A Property Management Company in Reno Nevada?

Some people go into multi-family investments thinking it will be a breeze. After dealing with collections, maintenance, complaints, and repairs they will soon realize, being a landlord is a lot of work! At what point should you hire a property management company in Reno Nevada? It is a decision many landlords face.

Do the benefits outweigh the cost? Each situation is different. We have put together some points to consider before you hire a Property Management Company.
As away if you are looking to hire a Property Management Company here in the Reno Nevada area, you can contact me today and I will handle everything for you. We will do all the below work for you.

What They Can Do:

Market the Property:

Property managers are able to market the property across different platforms and have access to the most effective online tools. Your house will me featured on many different online and and printed materials. Property managers will also put your property on the MLS, post signs, schedule showings and process all applications.

Tenant Screening:

Good tenants and bad tenants can make or break your investment. Financial and actual damage to your house can occur. Most people do not have the necessary experience needed when it comes to finding the best tenants for your home. When you hire a property management company in Reno Nevada, they will be able to locate any reed flags that will occur.

Collect Rent:

Your property manager will collect the for you and will deposit it right into your account or send you a check. They will also enforce any late fess the tenant owes you.  Property Managers are also able to collect rent from the tenant in a more timely manner since most tenants take advantage of owners who manage the property themselves.  They can will also handle most of the eviction process if it were to occur.

Raise Your ROI (Return on Investment):

They will take a good look at the entire house and. They should immediately be able to recommend cosmetic touches and upgrades that will boost ROI. A good property manager in Reno Nevada will be abreast of what competitive properties are offering as far as upgrades and unique property features. They should be able to provide information about taxes including deductions and necessary paperwork for the property. A good property manager will help you maximize your investment.

Manage Maintenance & Repairs:

Your property manager will be able to keep up with maintenance and make repairs you might not be aware of. Experience goes a long way here. Knowing what to look for, as well as the most effective and efficient way to resolve the problem is a skill learned over time. they will receive multiple bids for repairs, ensuring your property receives the best service at the lowest cost.

Why You Need One:

You Own Many Properties:

If you own more than one property or unit, being a landlord can turn into a full-time job. Piles of paperwork, vendor relations, tenant needs, maintenance, accounting.. it will eventually make your head spin. A property manager is key to managing multiple investment properties.

Need Assistance Managing Funds:

The accounting alone on a rental property can turn into a full-time job. If you do not choose to employ a property management company, you should definitely make sure you have a competent accountant running your books. There are many deductions available to property owners.

You Are an Absentee Owner:

You can’t very well manage a property you own in Reno Nevada if you live clear across the country. Trusting friends to help “keep their eye on it” is likely to end in a dispute with the tenant or your friend. You would be better served to use a reputable and local property management company. Someone who is looking out for your best interest.


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