Qualities of a Top Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada

It can take a little work to find a Real Estate Agent in the the Reno Nevada area you trust and who you enjoy working with. If in the past you have purchased or sold real estate, you will know that not all agents are created in the same way. It is important that you work with an agent that you trust, who will work tirelessly to help with the needs. This post will help you determine if a Realtor in the Reno Nevada area is right for you. In this post you will know the qualities of a top Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada and the Reno Nevada Area.

Your agent is you ally, confidant, counselor, and advocate just to name a few. There are several personality traits that top agents will have in common, as well as other sharp business – savvy abilities. Below, we list some of our favorite traits of a Top Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada!

Qualities of a Top Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada


This is a no – brainer, but at all times you will have to know that your agent is honest with you. That means telling you stuff you might not want to hear sometimes. A good Real Estate Agent will tell you want you need to hear not what you want to hear. They should be up front with you on what they do to sell your home and what to expect throughout the whole process. They will also need to tell you how they plan on finding you the perfect home.

Problem Solver

Your agent has to be quick on their feet and someone who can handle last-minute issues. They need do do what ever is possible, in order to get the job done. A sign of a good Real Estate agent is someone who can find all potential problems, Also put out any fires that may arise.


Your agent should be able to attract people. How they want to get more information about a property. They should have excellent conversational skills and they should not make you feel as though there is an alternative motive. Their personality should shine and not seem robotic or say the right thing at all times. People want to feel comfortable, and it’s a great start to work with someone who makes them feel comfortable.

Attention to Detail

You are paying your agent for a reason. They should have all bases covered. They should tend to things that you may not even have been thinking about. Moving your car out of the driveway for pictures, taking down the diploma of your child during a show, hiding the trash cans when people see the house… All these are small things, but they have great subconscious effects on your potential buyers. Qualities of a top Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada also include someone who can listen to what you are saying and find the perfect house for you.


A great agent is going to love what they are doing. Some people love real estate and the process of helping people buy and sell homes. They’re motivated beyond money and instead just love to be good at what they do.


Never stop learning is our motto, and for top agents we believe the same is true. They should be up – to – date with everything going on in the real estate world, particularly in your local market.

Look for an agent certified in many areas or frequently found in seminars and events. One of the best assets you have in successfully selling your home is an agent in your corner who really knows their stuff.


They should be one step ahead of you always. If things need to be done, they should also push you gently. They know what it takes to sell or buy a house, and to make these things happen. They should work with you to make sure things are getting done correctly.

Some agents will make little effort and hope to come along with a buyer. This isn’t a top agent’s strategy and qualities of a top Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada.

Be Well Connected

You know the people in town who seem to know everybody? This should be your Real Estate Agent. The more people they know, the greater the likelihood of spreading the word about your house.

They will also be able to offer  cleaning, staging and repair work recommendations.

They Listen

We all know those people who are not really listening to what you want and who talk over you.

The ones who you have a conversation with, but you know they haven’t heard a word you said. Each situation is different and your needs, goals and expectations from the sale will be heard by a good agent. It’s your house and your voice should not go unheard.

However, you are hiring a professional for a reason, and you should always factor in their opinion when making a decision about your house.

They Have References

Not just selected references, ones they have handpicked. But rather ask them about their most recent 10 or so clients. What would they have to say about the experience? A top agent will have no problem providing references from their most recent clients!

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