How to Sell Your Townhouse Fast in Reno Nevada

Your townhouse needs to be sold and you want to sell it quickly. Compared to single – family homes and condos, however, townhouses present a unique set of challenges and offer various points of sale that you need to keep in mind before you decided to sell your townhouse in Reno Nevada and the Reno Nevada area.

Basically, you have to get three things right for a quick sale: price, appearance, and marketing. So here are tips on how to sell your townhouse fast in Reno Nevada.

How to Sell Your Townhouse Fast in Reno Nevada

Declutter and Get a Storage Unit

We all know that decluttering is a first step in the preparation of any home for sale. But you can’t just stuff it all into closets and storage spaces and forget it . You can be sure that potential buyers will open wardrobe doors and poke into cabinets and storage areas when viewing your townhouse. Experts recommend getting out of the townhouse at least one third of your stuff. Common wisdom holds that you should store it if you don’t use it every day. Looking for a storage unit is the best solution. You can get all that stuff out of your townhouse that is completely cluttering things up. You could even consider a portable storage unit that you can transport easily to your new home.

For some, one of the major drawbacks to a townhouse is the amount of space they provide. Having a townhouse that is cluttered can make buyer feel it is smaller than it appears. A nice clean and spacious townhouse will appeal to buyers and will be the first step on how to sell your townhouse fast in Reno Nevada and the Reno, Nevada area.

Make Minor Upgrades and Improvements

Of all the tips on how to quickly sell your townhouse in Reno Nevada, this one can only afford the greatest impact with the least money and effort investment. We’re not talking about a major remodel, just a few upgrades and improvements that have been done easily and cheaply to enhance appearance. Probably you should focus on the kitchen and bathroom where the most noticeable thing you do will be. For example, you could install a new kitchen sink and new hardware for the cabinet. Or in the bathroom, new light fixtures could be installed, a new shower curtain set up, and brand new hand towels put out. None of this is very hard or expensive, but for the appearance it can do wonders. You can also paint your townhouse to make it look more modern looking and updated.

Use Professionals for Staging and Photography

Staging involves arranging and presenting the most attractive and attractive way possible for your townhouse. So if you can afford it, hiring a professional staging service is the best policy. A professional stager has the ability to view things from the point of view of a buyer and will be able to highlight features and strengths and play down flaws.

Most often, the first glimpse a prospective buyer has of your townhouse is in the listing photos. So these need to be top notch, preferably professionally done. In addition, studies have shown that homes with more than six quality online listing photos have doubled the likelihood of actually being viewed by buyers. Quality photos are just that important.

Most likely your buyers will first see your townhouse in the photos listed. These must therefore be top notch, preferably done professionally. Studies have shown that homes with more than six quality photos have more than doubled the likelihood that buyers will actually view them. Professional pictures are important on for any home and if you want to sell your townhouse fast you need them.

If you cant afford pictures or staging, you can let me handle that hard work for you. When you sell with me you will get everything included in my Marketing plan to get your town house sold quickly. Click Here for more details on how my marketing plan will Sell your townhouse fast in Reno Nevada.

Do Your Own Marketing

Finally, don’t depend on your agent alone to do all the marketing. If you want to sell your townhouse fast in Reno Nevada, you need to do your part too.

Be sure to use your personal social media accounts to full advantage – Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest. And don’t be shy about sending the listing page to family and friends. You just never know when a friend of a friend or Aunt Betty’s sister’s cousin’s oldest son may be looking and interested in buying in your area. It also wouldn’t hurt to spread the word yourself around the townhouse community and in the area in general.

These tips on how to sell your townhouse fast in Reno Nevada are a good starting point. Still, though, there’s quite a bit more to consider if you want to sell your townhouse quickly.

For more information on how to sell your townhouse fast in Reno Nevada, Contact me today. You can call me at 775-525-0980 or Click here to email me anytime.

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