How To Sell Your House in Reno When The Property Next Door Is An Eyesore

In some neighborhoods there are some houses that are lacking in upkeep and maintenance. For some, they may live near this type of property and they decide that it is time to sell their house. Living next door to a house that is an eyesore can be irritating. Trying to get your house sold in this circumstance can be frustrating.

Looking for a way to help is normal and we are here to help answer you most difficult questions. in this blog post we will talk about how to sell your house in Reno when the property next door is an eyesore.

How To Sell Your House in Reno When The Property Next Door Is An Eyesore
How To Sell Your House in Reno When The Property Next Door Is An Eyesore

Be Up Front About Issues

The first thing you want to do is let you real estate agent know of any issues or problems that are occurring.

A good real estate agent in Reno, Nevada have the ability and resources to take care of most issues as fast and quietly as possible. If the house next door brings that much unwanted attention, it is best to be open and upfront with all potential buyers that come look at your home.

Is is always a great idea to inform them ahead of time. It is never a good idea to have them discover any unexpected negatives on their own. If they go tour your house with with knowledge of the situation they have a chance to temper their expectations and come to reality of the situation.

Finally, your preferred agent might suggest reducing expectations with incoming offers due to the effect of the unsightly property, or simply price your for sale a little lower to help generate more interest.

Have an HOA or CIC? Get Their Help

If you reside in an area that has an established home owners association or a common interest community in Nevada, you might want to get them involved in the situation. If the property is in bad shape or in disrepair, it is possible their are some HOA (CIC) violations.

One of the main jobs of a HOA (CIC) is to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood. This is one of the benefits as they can bring up home values and keep he aesthetics of the area in order. When a property causes issues, the HOA (CIC) will step in and attempt to fix the problems.

Try Smoothing Things Over

There is a chance you are at least familiar with your neighbors or anyone else in the area.

If you have some type of relationship with the property owner, you might want to consider discussing the issue with them. Perhaps giving them a hand around the house will give them the motivation they need to fix the problem for you, or even a small gift of baked goods could say that you appreciate and value them and need their help right now.

Giving a personal touch can and should certainly be considered the thing that makes a huge difference when the next door property is an problem.

Distract and Highlight the Positive

If you are in a situation where your agent is ready to start showing and buyers come out of the woodwork, chances are it is time to continue to concentrate on what you are offering.

By highlighting the positive features of your home, you will be able to keep buyers looking at the best parts of your your home. Showing them the possibilities of the house instead of the negatives will help people get excited and make an offer Not being distracted by what is happening next door.

Spending a little to update some landscaping can be all that’s needed to maintain the curb appeal of your property while not allowing the next-door eyesore to ruin your sales prospects.

Turn It into a Positive

Last, hinging on the exact scenario you’re dealing with when it comes to the eyesore property, you may be able to turn it into a selling point.

While that eyesore property may be ugly to you, someone else may find it incredibly appealing and full of character. During showings, agents will take a moment to read the reactions of any potential buyers, and if your agent finds a buyer who feels the quirky, ugly house next door is fun and cool, they’re going to jump on that opportunity.

It can be frustrating to sell your home when the property next door is an eyesore. For help, call our professional team today at 775-525-0980 or send us a message!

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