Look Up Your Agent’s Background And Sales History In Reno

Buying or selling a home is probably a person’s biggest financial transaction and often a life-changing event. Knowing that, you want to entrust that purchase or sale to qualified hands. You want to ensure that the agent you hire is truly reputable and qualified, has the necessary experience and has a proven track record of achieving results. And you know you can’t just believe and take everything everybody tells you to face value. Make sure the Real  Estate Agent in Reno Nevada is what they represents themselves to be. Here’s how to look at the background and history of sales of your agent in Reno.

Checking an Agent’s License

The first and most important step to check the background of a Reno Nevada Real Estate Agent is to check their license. Are they really licensed, have they been licensed for as long as they claim? That can be done, but in some states it may take a little effort. You can start buy looking at your states Real Estate departments website. You will be able to lookup the agent by searching their name. Make sure you spell the agents name correctly. Also, keep in mind the name they go by might not be their legal name that they have registered. There isn’t necessary always something wrong with that. In you get invalid data try entering in just the last or first name. If you have their license number you can enter it in as well. Then you will take the license number you just got and go to the website for your state’s licensing division. For example in Nevada, you can find it by conducting a Google search for ” Nevada Real Estate Division.” (For other states, you will, of course, substitute, say, Michigan or Oklahoma or whatever your state is.) Then look for “license verification or look up Licence” and enter the number in the appropriate spot. For example you can look up Nevada Real Estate Licenses here. You will then be informed when the license was officially issued (for most states). Keep in mind, that this site will also tell you for some states whether complaints have been lodged against the agent and whether a license has been temporarily suspended. And don’t forget to search through reviews online for the background and reputation of the agent.

Checking an Agent’s Background Concerning Production

To check out an agent’s production record, you can first simply ask her to print out this record from the MLS. Or if you feel uncomfortable with that, you can ask another real estate agent to do it. Checking the production record through the MLS will enable you to know whether the agent has been truthful in her claims about a number of completed transactions, whether she is really the top performer she claims to be. Remember that on average a successful agent sells about a minimum of one home per month or 12 per year.

Also, be sure in checking the agent’s background with respect to performance to look into the agent’s website. Do the testimonials have actual names on them? If not, ask the agent to provide names and phone numbers so you can ask the client’s themselves about the agent’s performance. If the agent refuses to comply, well, then there’s a big red flag.

Website Listings

While you’re digging into the agent’s background via their website, be sure to look into the agent’s active listings. There should be a section and a tab, something like “My Listings,” so you can do this. If there isn’t, then beware.

Read through the listings carefully. Occasionally, an agent will advertise other agents’ listings at the same real estate company as her own. If you have any doubts, call the office number and ask for the agent’s name for a particular listing. These things aren’t common, but it always pays to perform due diligence.

So now you know how to look up your agent’s background and sales history in Reno, Nevada. And it’s definitely a good thing to know. But wouldn’t you rather work with a real estate company where you didn’t have to bother with all that –  a company at which you know without checking that all the agents are reputable and qualified. If that’s what you want, contact us today! 775-525-0980

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