How To Handle Tenant Complaints in Reno Nevada

If you own rental or investment properties, it is inevitable you will receive tenant complaints. Whether the complaints are unfounded or have merit, it is incredibly important how you handle them. Learn more in our latest post about  how to handle tenant complaints. Keep in mind…….If you hire a Property Management Company, you would not have to handle tenant complaints directly. Your Property Manager will take care of all the work for you. Contact us today if you would like to get more information from a property manager in Reno Nevada.

Everyone has different living standards. You will therefore encounter a wide range of complaints, some of which you may never have thought about. Always put yourself in the shoes of the tenant and look at his point of view. Before taking any action, try to understand all sides of a situation.

Avoiding Complaints In The First Place

As a landlord, you will only benefit from keeping your tenants happy in the long term. Happy tenants remain longer, reducing vacancies and new tenants costs. Tenant retention is one of the main keys to maximizing your rental investment. You can keep peace by being proactive with maintenance, using extensive tenant screening and genuinely listening to your tenants, avoiding many of the most common complaints.

Things People Often Complain About

You may sometimes be surprised at what people complain about. Some of the most common things are:

  • Neighbors – In your lease, describe what behaviors will not be tolerated and how complaints will be handled between tenants.
  • Pests – Always ensure that the property is kept clean inside and outside. Schedule regular service to eliminate pests in the building and respond to complaints from pests in the home immediately.
  • Maintenance issues – Always respond quickly to requests for maintenance. Postponed or ignored maintenance problems will only lead to greater problems. Your maintenance procedures should be clearly described in your lease.
  • Cleanliness – These complaints must be resolved immediately.
  • Poor communication – As the landlord, you must communicate clearly about the property with your tenant. Always provide proper notification of repairs, unplanned landscaping or anything else that affects tenants,

Create A Strong Lease

It will be easier to handle unreasonable complaints if you have everything in writing. Be as detailed as possible so that all parties know how to handle complaints.

Thorough Tenant Screening

You reduce the likelihood of irrational complaints and disrespectful behavior by having responsible and honest tenants living in your rental property. Learn about their rental history and discuss their experience with past landlords. You can also look at the history of employment and talk to past and present employers.

Handling Tenant Complaints

Acknowledge The Complaint

Do you really want to understand where your tenant comes from. Something you don’t think is important can seriously affect your quality of life. You can brush off a noise complaint, just to find that it keeps them up all night and affects their work performance.

Get Everything In Writing

Require written complaints from all complaints. Document your answers and the time, date and nature of the correspondence. If the problem continues to escalate without a resolution, this will protect you in the long term.

Let Everyone Cool Off

Talk kindly and respectfully. If you disagree with a complaint, explain your side tactfully. Don’t rush into a defensive response or act. Manage everything within the terms of the lease graciously. Sometimes a tenant realizes that after some time to calm down, they have overreacted about something.

Form A Plan

You will always want to keep peace as a landlord, making your tenants feel like they have a great place to call home. This will help you in the long run and avoid turnover. Always work diligently to handle complaints tactfully, create compromises, repair and bring the story to all sides.

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