Home Selling Tips From Reno’s Top Real Estate Agents

Selling a home can be a daunting and stressful activity. Here a some helpful home selling tips from Reno’s Top Real Estate Agents to assist you and make the process more bearable.

Home Selling Tips From Reno's Top Real Estate Agents

Price Your House Correctly

The first thing you need to do when trying to sell your house is make sure your house is priced correctly. This includes not pricing your house to high and have it sit for an extended amount of time or pricing it to low and losing out on a higher profit margin.

You will need to do some market research to determine the initial listing price. Compare homes in your area and determine what they have sold for in the past six months. Then decided the current real estate trend in your area. Are prices going up or down. Is Reno, Nevada in a sellers market or a buyers market? By doing this you will better understand the local market so you can get an accurate value for your home. This step will also help you down the road when you are looking at offers you will receive on your house while it is on the market because you will have a greater knowledge of the market.

Pricing your home can be a difficult task. If you do not want to go through the hassle of determining your home value and you want to know “what is my house worth,” contact us today to get a Free Home Value Report . Your will receive an accurate value of your home included current market trends and statistics.

Declutter Your Home

An important and overlooked home selling tips from Reno’s Top Real Estate Agents, is to declutter your home. It just isn’t good enough to just clean your house. Although cleaning is very important. It will be a smart idea to reduce the the amount of personal stuff in your house.

Having too many items in you house will give people the idea the the house in small and undersized. Buyers will think that your stuff is out in the open because you don’t have much storage space in your house. Buyers may feel that the house will not meet their wants and needs for a house that has plenty enough space.

Simply reducing the amount of items you have in your closet, garage, cabinets, kitchen counter tops, etc, will go a long way when when listing your house. You can rent a storage locker to store you items. Making the house feel that it is lived in and not making it look small will help reduce the days on market.

Remove Personal Items

If you want buyers to put in an offer that is at or above asking price you need to appeal to their emotions. You can do this by having a great visual appeal. It is best if they can imagine the space being occupied by themselves and make it their own. Removing personal photos and souvenirs is a great way to help this process. Also, consider hiding/locking up your jewelry. Doing so will also give you more privacy while protecting you personal items.

The idea is to make the space feel lived in but not make the buyer feel unwanted. Try to present a blank canvas of them. However you do not what to make the house look dull. Properly staging your house is a good why to sell your house fast and one of the best home selling tips you can receive.

Small Updates Can Make A Big Difference

Some homeowners think large renovations will make the house sell for more. This is not always true.

A nice home remodel can make buyers pay your asking price. However, over improving the property is a bad idea if the market does not support a full remodel. If the house is in shambles and you have enough equity it might be a good decision. You can not assume you will receive your money back even if a buyer goes all in on the purchase. There is not always a dollar for dollar return.

One of the most popular home selling tips from Reno’s Top Real Estate Agents is to do smaller updates. You can get a better return on your investment if you do small updates. For example, fixtures, light and cabinet hardware. Simple things like replacing a light switch or doorknob are pennies when compared to a full remodel.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. If you absolutely need to do a renovation, renovating you kitchen and master bathroom can get you the most return on investment.

Hide The Pets

Although animal lovers may appreciate your shared interests as pet owners, it is recommended that pets be kept out of the picture during a showing. Hide litter boxes, toys and food bowls.

Remember to take care of any smells. Unpleasant smells can drive away buyers right away. Use scent a diffuser, air purifier, candles, etc to keep the house smelling fresh. Just remember not to overdue on the scents.

Improve Curb Appeal

One of the most important home selling tips is to improve your homes curb appeal. Just like in life, your house only gets one first impression. Buyers will see the outside first so you need to make this count. Doing something as simple as cleaning the leaves off the the ground and trimming the hedges will go along way by making your yard much more attractive and organized. While you are working on improving your front yard, remember not to neglect the backyard. Many buyer, especially those with kids or pets want a well maintained yard. For some, this could be a major selling point. When selling your home the main thing to remember is that the specifics really matter.

If you follow theses simple tips you will be able to sell your house fast and for the most amount of money. If you would like more home selling tips, we are here to help you. We are real estate agents in the Reno, Nevada who can sell your home quickly and above market value.

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