Hire An Agent To Help You Sell Your House in Reno

Anyone who has ever purchased or sold a home knows that the property commission costs up to six percent of the sale price. This means that the seller pays up to $18,000 for a $300,000 home. That can be a lot,  and many wonder if it’s worth the cost to have an agent. In most cases, commission costs are more than worth it. Here is why you should always hire an agent to help your sell your house in Reno, Nevada .

Marketing Efforts

Before a home is officially on the market, many real estate agents start marketing efforts. These pocket listings are networking and word-of-mouth marketing efforts, testing the market while finalizing final price numbers and home preparation details at the last minute. Many homes are sold in this way, but those on the market benefit from agents ‘ various marketing efforts. With professional photos and custom home descriptions, agents can give potential buyers the best of a home. This begins with listing services, printed flyers, listings of newspapers and magazines. Open houses designed for agents walk through the house to buyers. Open houses are extending the market to a wider network. All these elements help homeowners not only get faster into escrow, but also with higher offers than list prices.

Understanding Escrow

It is exciting to look at multiple offers. But it’s not always the most attractive offer with the biggest dollar signs. It’s the offer that has the best chance to close the escrow with full funding and the fewest possible problems. Real Estate Agents will make sure your receive the best offer which is more likely to close. Agents will advise that a cash offer that might be less in price, is much stronger than a higher cash-strapped offer. An offer to waive inspection rights could be better if homeowners are concerned about an aging home that has problems during inspections. The combination of all terms and conditions in an offer should be taken into account and agents are most experienced in seeing potential problems for homeowners. With highly regulated timelines and disclosures, the escrow process is complicated. Agents help homeowners understand these timetables and their responsibilities. The agent helps to coordinate the inspection opening of the home. Keeping homeowners on target with timetables and disclosures prevents homeowners from accidentally infringing contract terms and losing the deal.

Negotiating Terms

Offers are the negotiation starting points. Agents discuss offers with customers and then counter offers. To complete the offer and enter escrow, it may take several back – and – forth negotiations. Escrow doesn’t mean the process of negotiation is over. Home inspections often trigger a second point of negotiation as buyers discover property “problems.” Sellers have the option of rejecting any requests for repairs, fixing things or crediting the sale of the property. The property price is occasionally reduced if there is a significant problem. Agents see many of these requests and can guide owners on what are reasonable request prices, what can be overlooked and what can be lumped into as a credit that saves sellers money from fixing each problem. The agent not only advises sellers on good negotiation strategies, but also negotiates on behalf of the seller. This means that the seller is not involved in the negotiations ‘ high – tension aspects. When you hire an agent to help you sell your house in Reno, Nevada, you will most likely sell your house for more money.

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