Four Things to Never Overlook When Buying a House in Reno Nevada

Wondering how the buying process works and what to look for when purchasing a home? Navigating through the real estate environment can be difficult and there are many things you can miss. Are you looking into buying a house in Reno Nevada? There are many things you need to do when buying a house. While going through the home buying process, sometimes things slip through the cracks. It is possible to overlook certain items along the way.

Lets look at a scenario. A home buyer has been searching for their dream for several weeks. Devoting most of their weekends and evening for the past month or so. After looking a many homes for sale, many of the homes features, likes and dislikes begin getting cluttered and run together. The process is becoming tiring so they make an offer on a house that is in good overall shape but has its problems. After they move into their new home they realize they need to buy a new roof. Do not let yourself fall into this common home buying trap. Letting your emotions cloud your judgement is a mistake many buyers make. Especially in the Reno, Nevada area where inventory in low. To help you, here are four things you should never overlook when buying a house in Reno Nevada.

1. Issues With The Roof and Foundation

Besides the frame of the house ( often called the bones of the house), the next most important physical part of the house in the Foundation and the roof. So it is important that you look into these potential problems when buying a house.

Issues With The Roof and Foundation

You should never neglect an old roof or one in bad repair just because you love everything else about a house. Your will need a good solid roof that will last you a long time. Manly because of the weather conditions in Northern Nevada. Where high winds can be prevalent and when there is heavy rain or snow fall. Also the suns rays can damage a roof quickly. The cost replacing a roof can run into the thousands. A new roof can cost on average $9,000 to $15,000 depends in your homes size. Your can expect a new roof to last for about 20 years before you start to have major issues with it. If your roof is on the tail end of this, you can likely expect issues down the road.

There is an important saying in life, “you can’t build a building without a solid foundation.” The foundation of the house is just as important as the roof it helps hold up. Large foundation defects are also incredibly costly to fix. Foundations are susceptible to settling so you can might be able to overlook small cracks. However, it is a good idea to get an inspection on any cracks you think might become an issue. Always talk to a professional when you want direct advice on any structural issues.

2. Issues With The Sewer

When you are buying a house in Reno, Nevada, you might want to consider inspecting the sewer system. This is not often part of the normal home inspection. So you will have to order this separate. In most areas you are responsible for the entire system leading up to the mainline sewer line. Older homes tend to have issues due to corrosion of the pipes and roots. If you want to be sure of any issues, consider a sewer inspection. Usually septic systems are a different system and you should always get these checked and certified.

3. Old Wiring

One of the major things you should never overlook when buying a house is the wiring. Old wiring is a major issues and could cause a lot of problems and risks down the way. Dated wiring can pose a major fire hazard. An outdated electrical system can also increase your insurance premiums – if you can get coverage at all.

As with roofs, foundations, and sewer systems, rewiring a home is a major expense. So if the house has old wiring with brittle insulation, few outlets, and fuse boxes, you should probably reconsider.

4. Night-Time Neighborhood

This is one aspect of a home that most people never consider, but it certainly should not be overlooked when you’re considering buying a specific house in Reno, Nevada. And that is the personality of the neighborhood at night – which is sometimes far different from what you see during the day.

Certainly, you want to be on the lookout for night-time dangers, but that’s not the chief concern. Neighborhoods can change dramatically when all the residents are back home from work and school. Some people have loud, crowded parties at night, others keep an obnoxious number of bright outside lights on, and still others drive around all evening in their loud cars. Find out before you move in next door to them.

Somethings you can accept or compromise on when buying a house in Reno, Nevada, but others you should never overlook. Listen to your inspector and, especially, your local real estate agent. A good local Real Estate Agent will likely know the neighborhood and may know a lot about the condition of the house.

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