Five Questions Real Estate Agents In Reno Nevada Are Asked

When you decide to buy or sell real estate, you should ask questions and learn about your real estate agent. This should be done before you enter into an agreement to work with them. You are entering into a reciprocal partnership with your Realtor and you need to make sure you get a Real Estate agent the fits your needs. By asking questions, you collect that relevant data, much like an employer does with a potential worker. We thought it would be helpful, for you to know the top five questions real estate agents in Reno Nevada are asked.

1. How is the neighborhood?

The neighborhood is more and more important to home buyers today than the house’s square footage or whether it has a backyard or pool. Most of the time real estate agent are asked this questions often in Reno Nevada. You’ll want to check out the neighborhood yourself, of course, but you should ask your agent it as well to see if they have a different perspective. They will probable to have insider knowledge since they work it that particular industry. For example, your agent should know if the neighborhood is family friendly. But if the agent is unable to tell you about the neighborhood, it could be a red flag. You can find up to date houses for sale in Reno Nevada using our advanced home search tools on this site.

2. How long has the property been on the market?

In Reno Nevada, real estate agents should be aware of how long a property has been on the market. This information will let you know about pricing, may point to issues, and may offer you more leverage to negotiate the purchase contract. If it was on the market for a while, say, 4 months, this is a good sign that the sell will be encouraged to sell at a price that benefits you. A good real estate agent with be able to negotiate a better price with more favorable concessions.

3. How often was the house sold?

Another question real estate agents in Reno Nevada asked is how many times has the house been sold of transferred to new owners. If in just a few years it has been sold several times, then the logical follow-up question is, “Why?” Typically, in such a situation, there is something wrong with the house like a flooding basement or something wrong with the neighborhood like home break-ins. Your agent should be on top of this and know the answer. You need all the information you can get, and your agent should be able to supply it.

4. Who was your most challenging client, and what did you do?

This is a question that should be asked by both buyers and sellers to Real Estate agents in Reno Nevada. Indeed, it is one that most employers ask in work interviews for some variation. It allows you to understand where the weak places of an agent are and how hard customers are handled.

What you’re attempting to find out is if the agent has the patience and dedication to do whatever it takes to work with all kinds of characters and personalities. An agent trashing a past difficult customer is a specific red flag you need to lookout for. It’s just not-professional.

5. Can you make my offer more attractive without offering more money?

This is often asked of real estate agents in Reno Nevada because customers need to understand that their agent has more tools in their toolbox than just a rise in the asking price. You can always give more cash, but there should be more tricks on up their sleeve for a successful officer. Your agent should be prepared to take advantage of things like consumers who need to close quickly or who want to wait until the end of the school year. Your agent should be able to glean the pertinent facts and leverage them for you.

These may be the top five questions real estate agents in Reno Nevada are asked, but they are by no means the only ones. And you should ask your agent plenty of questions both before and after you sign a contract to work with her. But that also means you need an agent who is able and willing to listen to you and who has the knowledge and experience to answer your questions. Our agents do both.

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