Buying Your First House In Reno Nevada

If you are looking at buying your first house in Reno Nevada, your might feel uncertain, nervous, excited, scared or you just do not know the process of buying a house. Buying a house is an exciting time, do the last thing you want to do is take the wrong steps and make thing more complicated then they have to be. There is more to it than just deciding which neighborhood would like to live in, your want and need or finding out how much you can afford. To help give you guidance on where to start, we put together a quick and informative list if you are buying your first house in Reno Nevada.

Buying Your First House In Reno Nevada

Know Your Financing Options

There are many financing options and different down payment options. In years past you had to put down about 20 percent to be able to buy a house. You can now put less money down and still be able to purchase a home.

Conventional mortgages are still very attractive for many home buyers because they offer predictable terms and most lenders have them available for buyers. However, there are plenty of other types of of loan programs for firs time home buyers.

For all loans advice you should always talk to a certified loan officer who is qualified in your state. Remember that different mortgage lenders, and banks have different programs, fees, qualification, etc. Talk to several banks to get the right mortgage options for you. SO you can get the best deal and lower your monthly payments.

There’s a wide range of loan programs and options out there, and a good mortgage broker will help people locate the one they need.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent in Reno, Nevada will know the local market and is an expert on the entire process of buying and selling real estate. Real estate agents are a valuable resource if you are looking at buying your first home in Reno, Nevada and anywhere in the Northern Nevada area.

Your real estate agent can find you exactly what you are looking for based on your home buying criteria. They will provide you with a list of potential homes to show you. An agent can also let a buyer know when the price of a home is too high, or when it’s a good deal, and can help negotiate for you.

If you are looking into buying your first home, contact a Realtor to help guide you and put you on the path to success.

Figure Out Your Budget

Failing to figure out what you budget could cost you down the road. If you are looking into buying your first house in the Reno, Nevada area you do not want to skip this step. Many people forget to look into all the factors of home ownership.

If you are looking into buying a house, you need to look beyond the listing price and what your monthly payments will be. Yes you mortgage will be a big part of your payments, but you will also need to pay taxes, utility bills, insurance, HOA fees, etc. You will also to to pay for upkeep and repairs.

Buy For The Future

Most first time home buyers buy a home for what they need now, and neglect to think about what they might need in the future. If you are planing on expaning your family, get a pet, having a relative move in you will need to buy a house that will suit your needs and desires. Coming from experience, you wan to come home to a comfortable environment. Not one that in small, cluttered and stressful because you ran out of space.

If you are looking into getting a starter home, that will be a little different than a house plan to live in for a while. Either way you will need to think about where in life you plan to be in the next few years. There is nothing bad about buy a house that you plan on selling down the road. You can always sell your house and buy a new one or call a property manager and rent it out to make a money profit from it.


Practically everything is negotiable when buying a house. Most first-time home buyers believe just the price is on the table, which means they pass up the chance to purchase more perks.

Reparations, future large replacements, equipment, and even home warranties can all be negotiated and often sellers are more likely to throw in these products than to lower the total price.

Buying a house can be hard to navigate through. For first time home buyers this can also become stressful. If you are looking into buying your first house in Reno, Nevada, Email Us Here or call us at 775-525-0980 today. We will be glad to help you.

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