Why You Should Avoid A FSBO Listing In Reno Nevada

Why You Should Avoid A FSBO Listing In Reno Nevada

Most homeowners try to avoid a FSBO listing at all cost. Regardless if they are looking to sell or buy a house. People will do what they can to avoid selling their house for sale by owner. Even if it might cost them more. Home buyers are starting to stay clear of homes not listed on the MLS because of the increasing number of scams. However so homeowners are are deciding if they would like to out there house in the market via for sale by owner. Before you make your final decision, consider these reasons why you should avoid a FSBO listing in Reno Nevada and why you might what to hire an Agent of over a FSBO in Northern Nevada.


Putting your house in the market takes a lot of time. Not only do you have to get your house set for the listing, first you have to do the necessary work in researching the market to find your homes true value, you will then have to decided how you are going to market your listing. If you manage to get people interested, you have have to take the time getting your house ready for the showing, help strangers preview your home, and try to put a deal together.

If you are busy with other things in life like, family or work, you should avoid a FSBO listing. Phone calls and showing can happen at anytime of the day. Ask yourself if you’re ready for that.


Some people think that they will be saving money by attempting a for sale by owner. If you decided to go sell you house using for sale by owner, you will have additional cost right from the start. For example, staging, appraisals, and cost associated with marketing you house. This can easily add up to be thousands of dollars in where there is a small guarantee you will get you money back.

Most real estate agent will market your house with no upfront cost to you. Meaning you are able to save more money. In addition multiple studies have shown that agents are able to sell their house for more. Netting the owner more money, even while paying for commission. There are many benefits of hiring an agent over a FSBO in Reno, Nevada. A good real estate agent will include professional pictures, video, online marketing at no additional cost to the owner. Here is a link that will show how we would market your house at no additional cost to you.


As mentioned above there are an increasing number of buyers who decide to avoid a FSBO due to the increasing amount of scams. They also worry about taking to a direct stranger and if the seller will be a pain to work with down the road. By listing FSBO, you run the risk of disqualifying a large portion of potential buyers right away, making it much harder for you to sell your home.


You are protected from any liability when a real estate agent makes a mistake, such as not properly disclosing something about your house. However, you are not protected if you list your home yourself. Not only can it cost you a lot of time and money, it can also get you into big legal trouble.


When you are looking to sell your house, the last thing you want to do is guess what it will sell for. Are you asking to much or worse, under selling? Knowledgeable real estate agents have a lot of knowledge, experience and the right tools get an accurate sales price. Unfortunately, many people rely on inaccurate information that is wrong and inaccurate, such as Zillow’s Zestimate. If you are asking, “what is my house worth?,” contact a qualified Realtor in the Reno, Nevada.


Everyone, especially someone buying a home, loves a good deal. So some home buyers are trying to haggle and nitpick every detail hoping that the sellers cave.

If you’re selling your own home, knowing how much to knock off to cover some minor damage repair, or where to draw the line between reasonable requests and unreasonable ones, can be difficult. This can lead to a lot of lost time, frustration, and a lower price than you’d like. If this is not in you wheel house you might want to avoid a FSBO in Reno Nevada.

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