5 Unique Ways to Sell Your House

When you decided on selling your house in Reno Nevada, it doesn’t have to be a stressful. When you decided to sell your house your are opening yourself up for a new beginning and a new chapter in your life. So make it selling your house easier by using these 5 unique ways to sell your house in Reno Nevada.

Simply putting your house in the market and having an open house with cookies is not going to cut it now. You need to make your house stand out from the others so people remember.

We put together 5 Unique Ways to Sell Your House that will help you get your house sold faster when you decided to put it on the market. In today’s real estate markets, you have to get more creative.

5 Unique Ways to Sell Your House

5 Unique Ways to Sell Your House

1. Change the Way you Stage Your House

You know that you should set up your home to present it as appealingly as possible, but you can do much more than just de-clutter and rearrange the furniture. Many sellers now use different systems of philosophy to take their staging to the next level. For example, some homeowners do Feng Shui staging to improve the chi (energy) of the home so that buyers feel more welcome when they enter the house.

2. Hold a Unique Open House

The current standard of open houses have become dull and underwhelming. You need to be thinking how you can make your house standout from the others on the market. One of the new trends is to hold an unique open house – one the has food, music door gifts or even wine. You will create a welcoming atmosphere as soon as they open the front door. Sense this  They will remember your house over others in the area and can lead to them wanting to buy it.

3. Throw in a Concession

Buyers can be picky. As a result they can nitpick everything. One thing you can do is give a small seller concession if they decided to buy your house. This will disarm them of any potential issues because they know it will be fixed if they choose. You could also decided to just fix the issues upfront if you are able to.

4. Hold a Raffle

Contests are always fun and can also be used to sell your house. Some sellers have raffles or essay contests at their open houses to have winners remember them and most importantly the house. ( Make sure your local and state laws are checked.)

5. Let Your House Speak for Itself

Sure, you need a for sale sign, an ad in the local paper, and online listings, but what could sell the house better. The answer is simple, your house. If you are trying to sell your house, highlight its best features and attributes. Each house has is own unique features. You can also highlight the neighborhood, local parks, schools and restaurants. If you are wondering what you can highlight, ask yourself, “why did I buy this house?” Think of that and sell it as your unique feature. If you are having issues, ask your Realtor in Reno Nevada to get a good idea on what makes your house standout.

Are focused on selling your house in the Reno, Nevada area. If you use these 5 unique ways to sell your house in Reno Nevada, your house will standout form the rest and you will e able to get your house sold faster and can sell it at a high price. There are many more ways you can make your house stand out by using some unique ways of selling your home. For example, enhancing your curb appeal and using a great real estate agent who can market your house differently from other agents.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to use anytime. We work in all areas of Northern Nevada and will be more than happy to help answer any of your questions. We also designed this website to be your one stop place for anyone looking to sell, buy or invest in real estate. You can also visit our Reno, Nevada area Real Estate blog today for more helpful tips posted daily on this site.


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