5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Picking A Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada

If you are buying or selling a house you should use a real estate agent to hep you along the way. With so many agents in town, how do you decide which one is right for you? Having someone you trust give you a recommendation can be ideal. Also, looking at online reviews is a good idea.

These are other items you will need to look at beyond recommendations an reviews. The last last thing you wan to do is hire an agent and find out they are the wrong one for you. So what questions can you ask a to make sure you you find the perfect agent for you? In this blog post we will go 5 questions you need to ask before picking a real estate agent in Reno Nevada to help you buy, sell or invest in real estate.

5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Picking A Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada
5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Picking A Real Estate Agent in Reno Nevada

1. Is this your full-time job?

When you are interviewing a real estate agent in Reno Nevada, the first thing you want to ask them is if real estate is there full time job. It is possible to hire an agent that is part time or does a few transactions a year and have them do a great job. However, if you are not comfortable having your agent available to you most of the day, you might want to hire a full-time Realtor. At the very least you will know what you are dealing with.

How might a full-time real estate agent be better?

The full-time agent has to be doing something right, or they will not be able to make a living and do it full time. A Realtor does well when their clients are satisfied and they are willing to recommend their friends and family to them. At this point the agent is willing to put the most effort possible to make sure you are fully satisfied. Also, an agent who main job is real estate will have more transactions under their belt so they will be more knowledgeable when something strange or out of the ordinary comes up. You’ll get a full-time effort from a full-time agent.

2. How long have you been a licensed agent?

Your next step is to ask how long they have been licensed as a real estate agent. The amount of time they have put into real estate can make a big difference and if you want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible, experience matters.

Typically, an experienced agent will have more knowledge and expertise of the entire process. They will also be better equipped to deal with any problems that can arise during the transaction. Take this time to look up the agents license to verify how long they have been licensed and to make sure they are actually a licensed agent in your state. In Nevada you can look up a real estate agents license on Nevada Real Estate Division website.

3. How many transactions have you completed?

A real estate agent’s work and several years of experience doesn’t mean much if they do not have a good track record in the area. A track record of getting things sold quickly and help people buy. Asking how many transactions they done this year and overall can go along way.

It’s not the number that matters, but whether the agent does business consistently, completes transactions and makes clients happy. It’s a good idea then to take a step forward on the issue. Also, you should ask the agent to provide statistics to get a clear sense of continuity for the most recent few consecutive years.

One thing to not. There are real estate agents who are on a team rather a team leader or just part of the team. Often times if they are the team leader, successful transactions will go under their name and they will take credit for them. Even if they did not fully complete the transactions themselves. This also happens when they are on a team. So if they are on a team verify they actually completed the transactions and not just taken credit for it.

4. How will you negotiate for me?

Properly negotiating is one of the most important part of any transactions. For for buyer, sellers and investors. So when you are interviewing a Realtor, ask them how they will negotiate for you and their negotiations styles. Know how they will advocate for you.

Of course you want an agent with strong – and sometimes aggressive – skills and tactics that reach an agreement. Yet you don’t want your agent to be too pushy or verbally disruptive – this can be detrimental, and typically is the wrong way to go.

Your agent should indicate that they will always be professional and only do what you feel comfortable with. At the end of the negotiating process, both buyers and sellers should feel they have reached a win-win situation and your agent should be able to adjust and adapt their negotiating tactics to make this happen.

Also make sure make sure your agent is going to work for you and your interest. Your real estate agent works for you and should do what benefits you not just them. Ask how they will negotiate for you is one of the important questions you need to ask before picking a real estate agent in Reno Nevada. You do not want you agent to talk you into accepting a deal just so they can get a quick commission.

5. What do you know about the area?

Last but not least, ask them if the are familiar with the area and what they know. They should have a basic understand and knowledge of the area. Know the local market is important.

Even if you liked their other answers from all the other question, they might not be for you if they do not know the local market. Your representative should know all about local property vales, sales trends, days on market, school districts, land values , etc.

Picking your Agent.

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